Jan Ollner | Arrangements


Jan Ollner creates paintings that form a dialogue between artist, material and image. In his new series “Arrangements,” Ollner’s paintings are inspired by intricate floral compositions that were designed and photographed by his partner, Sarah Magwood.

Through various layers of figurative and tonal abstraction, Ollner urges his compositions towards their own logical universe, embracing notions of the surreal beyond the conventions of representative painting. Destabilizing the images from their original context, Ollner allows the arrangements to become symbols or archetypes, reflecting the complex psychology of human relationships. “Arrangements” is a testament to collaboration and human connection, with all of its pitfalls, expectations and triumphs.

Navigating the medium of paint and subject matter, Ollner creates images that activate the imagination. Based on thoughtfully orchestrated photographs, Ollner’s paintings function as acts of visual intervention, distilling images to their base elements. As meticulous exercises in material and visual progress, Ollner’s paintings reflect their source material,while also uncovering new territory, exposing new vocabularies of perception through evocative transformations. Jan received his BFA from Concordia University in 2008. He lives and works in Toronto.




Exhibition November 4 – 26 2016