Madeline Richards | Softly



Madeline Richards’ paintings are emotive. They are romantic, feminine, and withhold just a little bit. She paints surfaces to touch – a fuzzy bug, a fuzzy sweater, silk, necks. Even the paintings not directly about texture are of hands, the rest are silky, furry, or cosy. Her work has an implied tactility.

Madeline’s paintings of sheets are so soft that you feel you could caress them. The fabric is tangible, as though you can see the thoughts of someone just left, remember moments shared. The sheets are still warm. They speak to the experience of touch, through painting.

They might be suggestive, but they are intentionally more intimate than erotic. The are sensual, romantic, and feminine. They are, in part, about Madeline’s lived experience as a woman.

When Madeline is developing her work, she is drawn to imagery or ideas that cause an emotional response. Her works do not stem from a political or conceptual drive, but rather from a desire to make paintings people want to touch, or curl up into. They are intuitive.

Madeline’s paintings reflect a love for the materials of painting and connect consciously to the canon of art history. Echoes of El Greco robes can be observed in some of her works, for example. The care Madeline takes in her work makes them feel precious, or jewel like.  They are representations of the act of feeling.


Vernissage : Saturday, March 24th, 4pm – 7pm

Exhibition : March 24th – April 23rd, 2018


Les Expositions Ymuno

372 Ste Catherine Ouest

Studio 530 Montréal (Québec) H3B 1A2